How To Triple Your Productivity In 1 Week

Megan - Thursday, July 21, 2016

In layman's terms, productivity describes the amount of beneficial activity you achieve over a period of time. It is carefully related to elegance-- the capacity to bring about the greatest results with the least amount of effort. It is the believed that productivity rapidly increases with the degree of elegance with which you carry out jobs. So how do you enhance your elegance and increase your productivity threefold?

Many authors cover the powers of the unconscious mind. This is the subconscious mind-- that part of each person that looks after the important things we consciously take for granted-- from the beating of your heart, the management of your blood composition, the thermostatic regulation of your body's temperature level by the hypothalamus part of your brain or such activities that when you were aware of them - after that it becomes second nature -- e.g. driving, walking, having the ability to comfortably read the words of this article, etc.

Is it fair to say that to the better extent that you can take control of and allow the subconscious mind to get you what you desire, the greater efficiency and elegance with which you perform and complete jobs will be? Imagine for a minute ... how frequently do you awaken and begin the day on autopilot -- you stand up, maybe you stretch, you go prepare breakfast, brush your teeth, or you might even go for a run or do some other kind of workout.

None of those points are unusual or abnormal. However, if you really think about it, those actions are a routine that you have developed. It takes place automatically -- it occurs efficiently and you don't really think about it or make a decision regarding just what you're doing. In fact, those actions are so ingrained as a routine that your unconscious mind is running the behavioral pattern. So, the rest of this post will reveal to you exactly how you could use this information to create more of what you desire by taking control of your unconscious actions, educating your mind on 'who is boss' as well as attaining larger and much better outcomes, tiny action by little action.

Try this for a week (7 days). Anyone who could do something for 7 days can do it for 21 days, and experts claim it takes only 21 days to create a new habit. Do it for 6 months, if you choose to, and the odds are in your favor to make it a habit for a lifetime because it becomes so embedded. To triple your productivity in a week, follow the steps below. It only requires you have a pen and paper plus a little willingness to take control and do some things you've been putting off.

Step 1:

Write out a list of around 20 things that you know you have to do every day-- this could include some basic things like "wake up", "make the bed", "brush teeth", "turn off the lights", "wash my cereal bowl", "kiss my spouse good morning," etc. Simply, see to it that you have a list of 20 various things that are really easy to accomplish.

Step 2:

Choose the very first thing on the checklist and then do it. Tick that thing off with a pen and tell your mind that this is a success. Your mind will certainly be pleased with you and support you due to the fact that you've decided to do something and afterwards went ahead and done that exact thing-- that's an effective loop-- it shows to your mind who is in control-- despite how big or tiny the task.

Step 3:

As you find on yourself effortlessly going through this list, as well as rewarding yourself along the way by checking off your "to-dos", you will find that you start feeling fantastic about yourself. This will start to bring to the fore of your mind the important things you've been dreading and postponing and really create the burning desire to get them done well. Your self belief will skyrocket.

Step 4:

Test yourself by slightly enhancing the problem of the activities, possibly include something you do not yet recognize "just how" to do-- eg earn an additional few hundred dollars in a week. By raising your productivity like this and reprogramming your unconscious mind to just get on and support you to "do it", you'll find you accomplish even more than you expected over the next week of doing this. You have it within you to triple your productivity in simply 7 days. So go on, your instructions are above. What are you waiting for? :)

Leave a comment and tell me what's worked well for you to increase your productivity. I'd love to hear your thoughts.

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