Improve Your Work/Life Balance Through Delegation

Megan - Thursday, July 20, 2017

When you're busy managing all the tasks in your business, the rest of your life can kind of pass you by! You just cannot find the time to get a handle on any of the other essential things in life, such as taking care of yourself appropriately, seeing your family or taking the appropriate time to simply relax. That lifestyle can't be sustained forever, and working and living like for too long can lead to extreme burnout that's hard to recuperate from.

You need to transform your business ... you need to delegate, and it really is that simple.

You value your time and most likely currently know that delegation is crucial to growth, but how do you go about it?

You can benefit most from delegation when it is deemed a long-term solution, rather than a one-off occurrence. It should be done well in order to work, and good delegation comes down to ... what, who and how.

Exactly What To Delegate.

You can delegate most of your repeating background tasks such as social media management, graphic design, editing, copywriting, administrative tasks, bookkeeping and customer service, to name a few, thus maximizing your very own time to concentrate on the income producing tasks that are core to your business, whether it be a product or service based business.

Who To Delegate To.

VAs are the ideal resource option for several types of services, operating both online and offline. With a vast array of abilities and a wealth of business expertise, VAs are able to provide experienced and specialist support at the level of professionalism needed by your business. Many VAs have a team behind them too and have the ability to modify assistance levels in reaction to business requirements, literally on demand.

How To Delegate.

Even with an amazing team behind you, delegation needs to be handled carefully in order to succeed. It's crucial to be able to clearly communicate the results you're looking for, exactly what you'd like to attain, as well as if there are particular processes and deadlines by which you'd like tasks finished. If you're not currently clear on this, you can work with your VA to figure out both the results and the processes involved. Knowing this is truly important, not just so that both you and your VA comprehend the actions and tasks at-hand, but so your expectations are aligned and preferably, are crystal clear.

Then ... let the task go! Stay readily available to react to interactions, but do not micromanage. Your focus needs to move to your income producing tasks and your VA has to be allowed to progress and provide the tasks assigned. Your confidence in delegating will grow - in knowing tasks will be completed to a very high standard and to a deadline, and in appreciating your business is being consistently represented at an incredibly professional level.

The only thing remaining for you to do is consult with your VA as to how you're going to keep in contact and how they'll report back to you, for instance through a project management system with a written or verbal update once a day, or week - so long as you both understand exactly what's expected, when.

With efficient delegation, your business will become far less reliant on your time, and you'll be pleasantly amazed at the brand-new opportunities that provide themselves. You'll discover you have more energy, can develop greater momentum, can cultivate your ability to reach more clients, and lastly work more efficiently, all which helps to increase your making possible across the board. Don't you see? You really can take more time off and reinstate your work/life balance at the same time! Isn't it time you gave delegation a try?

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