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Megan - Thursday, July 06, 2017

A couple weeks ago, I wrote on my blog about a new “journey” I’m taking in my personal life, which mainly consists of taking better care of myself. In many ways, this is both a physical and mental effort. I haven’t been perfect, but no one is. However, I’m proud to say that I’ve been very consistent and this daily “ritual” is becoming more of a habit every day. If you’re not familiar with it, I recommend you check it out on my blog post here.

In any event, this so-called journey has had some surprising twists and turns - both personally and professionally. I’m in the midst of working on a new venture and business plan that I’m really excited to share once it’s ready.

But...for now, I want to tell you a story about a woman that came across my path during this recent journey. Her name is Tiffany Crosara and she is an inner transformation specialist. Now, you might be thinking (as did I at first) what does that exactly mean? What exactly does she do? She works with individuals and professionals to help them find and follow their intuitions and “transform” and grow. I thought this was really cool and very intriguing. I’ve never heard of such a profession and also wondered how this might differ from a life coach or business coach. With Tiffany, one of the many channels and tools she uses are Tarot cards.

Now, whether you’re familiar or unfamiliar, a skeptic or a fan of tarot. I think it’s important to mention that there are a lot of myths about tarot - many of which I’ve learned in the last month or so. And, not that there is a right or wrong way, but I did feel there were a couple key points that are worth mentioning.

Avoid predictive Tarot

This was a big one to me. This is a very common type of tarot and it can put a “bad taste” in someone’s mouth or create anxiety when it’s not necessary. Often tarot goes hand and hand with a psychic and people that seek a tarot reading are typically looking for “answers”. Now, regardless of your belief, Tiffany expressed to a small group of us that predictive Tarot can create many problems. Predictive tarot will often result in yes or no answers to your questions. So, this might be a question like, will I always live in X place? Or will X change or Y happen? The problem with this is life isn’t so black and white. You can’t possibly answer yes or no to every question or problem that comes your way. This is true with or without tarot cards. The other issue with this type of reading is that it can create fear and anxiety that isn’t necessary. If you’re expecting yes and no answers and there is really a maybe or an explanation, you might get an answer that leads to a yes or a no that is “closest” to that really answer. So, if you’re wondering if you’ll be in X place forever, the answer might be yes only because the answer is you will be -- FOR NOW. But, you can’t get that answer with a yes or no. The real answer is more of an interpretation.

Tarot is more about transformation than “answers”

Plain and simple, Tiffany explains that tarot cards are really just a mirror of your own fears and beliefs at the moment in which you’re looking at them. This process can help you self-reflect and become aware of things that need to change or not change or improve. She told us the story of a woman that came to her for a tarot reading and wondered if the coworker she was in love with would end things with his fiancee. She didn’t like what Tiffany had to say and she (Tiffany) then asked her if she gave her a different answer how that would change things. She then replied and said well “that seems much too hard.” Tiffany then said, “if you were in a swimming pool and there was a ball at the other side that you needed to get, wouldn’t you just go to the other end of the pool and go get it instead of waiting for it. Waiting for it seems much harder.” That story really resonated with me.

So, what does this have to do with business and success? Well, a lot if you ask me. So often we get in our own way. We get tunnel vision and don’t take the time to reflect and review what is going on around us. The analogy of the woman in the pool happens to a lot of us. Instead of going after things or making changes and growing, we will sit back and have a pity party and wonder why things aren’t changing or aren’t the way we want.

Tarot is one of the “tools” that can help us recognize these things and help us to follow our intuition rather than our analytical, logical thinking. Of course, sometimes those two will match up, but many times our intuition gets overlooked and we wonder what happened.

FACT! You don’t have to be a psychic or go to a professional reader to “get a reading”. This is something you can do yourself and Tiffany has a digital course called “The Transformational Truth Of Tarot” that teaches you the “structure” of Tarot and how to use it in your daily life to reach a greater happiness and level of success. Remember, this isn’t about yeses and nos or the “definition” of a card, but looking at that card and deciding what it means to you at that moment.

Right now, for only a few days (until July 13th), Tiffany is offering this course at a HUGE discount (lowest I’ve seen to date) and there are some awesome bonuses that are thrown in - like meditations and Michelle Dale at Virtual Miss Friday’s Rockstar Course. All the details are here and if you decide its for you and take advantage of this special offer, I’m also going to throw in my Email Rockstar course COMPLETELY FREE ($99 Value). Just email me at with a copy of your receipt and we will give you instant access to the course.


A huge thanks goes out to Tiffany for this awesome insight and very generous offer!

Please do leave a comment and let me know your thoughts and your experience. Have you ever had a tarot reading?

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