The Great and Mighty Wunderlist

Megan - Thursday, March 12, 2015

With hundreds of productivity as well as list-management tools offered, it's hard to get away from the crowd with an one-of-a-kind product. Wunderlist's business version of their popular list solution for iOS and Android has gone beyond what anyone expected by supplying a huge selection of features to a growing user-base of close to 50,000+ companies.

Replacing Email.

While email in the workplace may never ever completely go away, Wunderlist is attempting to relocate a large part of email interaction to its desktop application to save time as well as increase communication effectiveness. The desktop application keeps chats together with task lists, so piece of work can be reviewed in instant message style while tweaking or altering a task list.

Sharing Lists.

Wunderlist makes it very easy to share task lists with coworkers. Every time you develop a task list, you could welcome coworkers to sign up with the discussion as well as start adding. Jobs within each list could be delegated to participants presently sharing the list so there's no complication concerning duties.

Task Breakdowns.

If you're in need of more information about a task, it can easily be expanded to reveal options like file sharing and notes. As you share a task or list with one more Wunderlist individual, you could expand the task to check out continuous updates concerning its finalization. Additionally, the comment areas allow coworkers currently sharing the list to comment or make suggestions below the task for all to see. This provides the opportunity for specific, task-related notes and conversations to be stored within the task instead of a general conversation. I love this part! Especially, if you need to go back and review information in your records.

Cross Platform.

256-bit SSL encryption keeps lists protected across a variety of platforms. Wunderlist is presently available as a desktop application or on mobile devices with the Android and also iOS app stores.

Social Features.

Highly recognizable social features like alerts from coworkers helps keep everyone associated with a job current on the project's progress. Mobile alerts could be configured to alert you when a task is completed or a new discussion has started in regards to an open task.

Email Extensions.

As pointed out, while Wunderlist is trying to relocate conversations to its very own application, email could still be integrated into the program. Extensions for Gmail permit users to include new tasks to Wunderlist, such as meetings or finished activities, by clicking the "Add to Wunderlist" button added to the top of the inbox.


The only possible drawback to Wunderlist is the transfer time from an existing workplace management system. Offices have been utilizing list as well as task management systems for many years. Wunderlist does not supply any sort of easy alternatives to manual data entry to transfer or import jobs from an existing system. This means activities will have to be reassigned and also individuals will need to be invited to join their coworkers.


Wunderlist packs a variety of attributes into a tiny, yet amazing, application. While its simplicity won't permit multi-national corporation job completion, for average and also tiny sized companies trying to find a simple method to keep an eye on and communicate task completion, Wunderlist does exceptionally well.

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