Top 5 Social Media Networks For Business Owners

Megan - Thursday, October 01, 2015

When the earliest companies came to Facebook several years ago when it was first ramping up, intending to set up web pages similar to the ones people had, it was thought to be a grand experiment. Now, over 5 years later, we've seen the results, and undoubtedly they're extremely encouraging.

Connecting with customers through social media networks is a very easy way to develop a brand or client base. Here are the leading social media networks to utilize in order to establish your presence in the new media era.


The most famous of all social networks is also one of the most widely used. Facebook has used an aggressive development strategy that welcomes entrepreneurs with open arms. Additionally, they provide numerous beneficial services, like the ability to buy likes and also advertisements that cater just to customers more likely to use your services. Even better -- a greater number of Facebook likes has been a proven element to improving a website's ranking on Google searches.


LinkedIn is, first and foremost, a place for providers to link and connect with one another. It's a good idea to have your own profile, and also profiles of the majority of employees/staff, before beginning a business page. From there, the quantity of interaction a business could have with potential customers, customers, associates, and also any other person is near infinite. There's useful information to be extracted from groups as well, making LinkedIn more than merely a method of gaining brand-new customers. It's fairly reliable for planning business strategies as well as locating new hires.


The trick to doing well on Twitter is to continuously be providing content. Although this is true for any social media account, I cannot emphasize enough how important this is on Twitter. Why? It's tricky to understand which tweet will be the one to generate a collection of new customers, or to find out just what form of content your fans like. Due to this, it's far more reliable to tweet while making use of a tool like Sproutsocial (my personal favorite), Barrier or HootSuite. These services allow Tweeters to track metrics associated with interaction, views, and retweets, AND automate tweets too. That’s a huge time saver! Because of their brief size as well as ephemeral nature, tweets are quite a numbers game. If you keep putting effort forward with this one, eventually it will pay off.


There's terrific value in writing. A business blog keeps customers updated on brand-new developments and makes a website much more appealing to Google's search engine. Still, the newest fad is towards video and as we can see from YouTube's astonishing success, a really substantial percentage of the population is selecting video these days.

YouTube videos could take many forms, from informative 'how-tos' to roundtables regarding market patterns. Some owners regularly attempt to go with the funny viral video technique. Whatever course you follow, YouTube can bring in more viewers to your website while giving your viewers exactly what they want - insightful entertainment.


Quora is most definitely a social media network, although the focus isn't on likes, tweets, or views. Quora users respond to each other's questions, standing by their real names and experience. On Quora, users could even link their websites to their responses. This is a great avenue to create trustworthiness and help potential customers. Additionally, Google tracks Quora web links, meaning that the more questions you respond to, the more website traffic you'll be driving to your website.

It's best to utilize a good mix of social media sites for optimal company exposure. Additionally, business owners should keep in mind that any kind of website providing faster ways to success is probably a fraud, or at least inefficient. Taking one’s own social media accounts into their own hands creates customer bases much more successfully and offers owners with info they never would have discovered somewhere else.

Please comment and share your experiences, social media successes, challenges or questions. I’d love to hear from you!

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