Why Your Work/Life Balance Is So Crucial

Megan - Thursday, July 13, 2017

After starting your own business you may have faced a rather unexpected extra pressure that didn't exist in rather the very same way you were used. As you begin to understand the scale and breadth of the tasks associated with your goals, this pressure can become overwhelming sometimes. You may be wondering how you're getting everything done? Ways to advance? It can feel like you're getting no place quick and often times this leads to working longer hours, without any time to unwind on nights or weekends. Furthermore, technology has provided a completely connected state, where it's more difficult to 'leave work' and as a result, you regularly feel that you need to justify any downtime. It's a tiring and unsustainable way of living and accomplishing a balance in between work and the rest of your life becomes significantly difficult. That, obviously, has unfavorable ripple effects to your business, as you can not run at your finest, can not serve your customers properly, will likely lose profit, and aren't able to develop the business that you've constantly imagined. But exactly what can you do to enhance your work/life balance in this scenario?

Discover What's Important to Your Work/Life Balance

How you approach your business and more significantly, how you approach your downtime can have a huge influence on your work/life balance and ultimately your company. However, what does your dream work/life balance appear like? It might be arranging work around your household, enabling time for a hobby, or creating the liberty to live abroad. It’s important that you KNOW what you desire your work/life balance to appear like every day.


There will always be a great deal to do, and you have three choices on each task - forget it, do it, or delegate it!

If you opted to perform the task yourself, it's important to check out methods to work smarter and save time. Are you working effectively? Improving procedures and making much better use of online systems can free up a large amount of time at an extremely low expense.

Restore Your Work/Life Balance with a Virtual Assistant!

Contracting out as much as possible is a great way to get momentum in your company by freeing yourself from the jobs that slow your development. Your VA can take responsibility for tasks or whole functions within your organization, such as administration, customer support, content marketing, social media management, website development and project management among others, offering you time to concentrate on your core company tasks, specifically those within your particular expertise, that create revenue, subsequently increasing your potential earnings while improving the overall capacity of your business too.


We have a few mindset pointers to help you make time for 'life'...

Set boundaries with everybody - your family, your business partners, clients, and suppliers. Aim to manage their expectations, interact your work hours and stay with it whenever possible - don't respond after hours!

Be kind to yourself - don't beat yourself up, try and decrease the negative self-talk, breathe and chill ... you are where you are!

Put time aside to look after yourself. Down digital and go running, relax in the bath, do something creative - attempt and do something that moves your focus away from work.

Work smarter, because following our mindset suggestions and delegating the support tasks in your organization to an expert VA will help you maximize an extraordinary amount of time weekly, which will permit you to either increase your earning potential or invest more time having fun - or maybe a mix of the two!

I did this recently and shared my experience with you on my blog here. What about you? Can you relate to this?

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